As your Augusta Georgia used car dealer, we will buy you a car at the AUCTION. You will pay only $600 above our cost- VERIFIED. There are many Augusta GA car dealerships but none can save you money like we can.

So Call Us today and get the wheels rolling in the purchase of your next preowned vehicle or go to the Get Started link and fill out the form and we will call you soon!




  Augusta GA Used Car Dealer!
Are you looking for Augusta Georgia used car dealers? We serve customers buying used cars in the Augusta Georgia area. If you are considering purchasing a pre-owned automobile and you live in or near Augusta GA contact us to see just how much money you can SAVE.

Learn how to buy your next vehicle Direct from ABS!

We do not have a car lot, so we basically have very low OVERHEAD!  All overhead is covered by our $600 buyers fee!!! No longer will you have to pay for Showroom Overhead, Sales Commissions, Staff Salaries, Large Inventory Costs, Big Advertising Budgets, owners profit margin and a whole lot more.

We go to Dealer Auctions as YOUR representative. In effect, our unique Automobile Brokerage Service puts you right there at these special closed to the public auto dealer auctions ... with full access to Car Dealer only  prices.

Financing a car with bad credit and no money down is very much possible with New Car Canada - Ontario as your partner. If you have a stable job with decent income, they will approve you instantly even with terrible credit. Pick any brand of car you want financed and they will do all the work for you. They give thousands of approvals every month in Hamilton, with an acceptance rate of 100%. Give them a shot and become one of their clients within 24 hours.

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